Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Friday, 29 October 2010

** Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent.**

As Knole Park seems to be the place to visit lately, after reading that Greenie went there, closely followed by Phil, I thought it was time I paid my 1st visit, so at 10am Pam, and I made our way there. Once there straight away we saw Fallow Deer just by the track. Greenie gave me some idea as to where to wander, so once parked we took a walk around. I was hoping that they would be tame enough to get pretty close seeing as they must be use to cars, and people, and I was right. In fact at one time after we had had lunch I went back for a walk on my own, and I came across a stag, it had one antler larger than the other and it let me get quite close, I had taken some food for them this time, so I started throwing it towards him, he came closer and ate it, so I thought, ok I will try a bit closer, I did this and he came closer. Now I was going to tempt fate, I put some feed in the palm of my hand, and stood there, he looked at me, then he walked up to me and took it, so I gave him some more. He was quite happy to be fed in this way, at one point he was trying to get at my pocket  for it before I could get it out. he was that close I held my compact digital camera out in my left hand to take a photo of him eating from my hand. There is a photo below.

After this I took a wander about, that was when I saw some Sika Deer lying in and around the bracken. I was able to take a few photo's, but I don't think one of the stags thought much of my photography, I think you can see what he thought of it!  See below.

Below is a further couple of photo's of Sika's.

Below is a assortment of Fallow Deer photo's that I took on my walk about..

The stag above was bellowing, and dashing around by a small heard of females, chasing off a stag Sika Deer that came close.
The final photo below is different. I was reading in a photography magazine about blurred action shots. There was one in it of a bird dashing about on the ground, and the photographer took this shot of it out of focus, which is meant to give the appearance of quick motion, so I thought I would try to apply it to a stag Fallow Deer that I saw running. Now it won't be everybodies cup of tea, but I like it, simply because it is different.

As for the other wildlife, there was plenty of Squirrel's running around everywhere, some hiding their nuts, other's dashing up and down tree's, but none of them would pose for me.
As for birds, I heard many, saw very few. This could be because there was a lot of families here today, seeing as it is half term, plus it was a nice day.
Still, I came to see the deer, and I wasn't disappointed. Pam and I will definately come again. Pam's highlight of the day was while she was sitting on a log waiting for me, 2 Fallow Deer stags came to within 6 feet of where she was sitting.


  1. An excellent post Ken! Great photos too and amazing to have a deer feeding from your hand. I liked the quick motion photo also.

    It sounds like you and Pam had a lovely visit to a very nice place, what a shame it is so far from me!

  2. Hi Jan.
    Glad you also liked the motion shot. Sorry that it is so far from you, aren't there any deer parks closer to you?

  3. Stunning images Ken,the Stag is my favourite.
    Lovely to see,thanks for showing.

  4. ...beautiful deer, the close-ups are wonderful! I love seeing these different types.WeI only have White-tailed deer here.