Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Friday, 31 December 2010

** c150 -200 Waxwings, Nr Medway Tunnel.**

On the way to do my mother's shopping today we took a short detour to the Medway Tunnel as good numbers of Waxwings have been seen in the area. We arrived at 12-ish, and drove down past the MacDonalds all the way to the bottom of the road, and turned around with no sightings so far. On the way back I happened to see a few birds down one of the turnings. We turned arounds again and went down that road, and there they was. At first all we could see was about 30, then as we stopped a few more flew in and perched in the tree tops. I counted 54. they seemed a uncetrtain as to what to do, and then flew off so we went to the bottom of the road and turned around. As we come back, so did the waxwings, many more this time. They was feeding in the grass on the left, drinking from the small puddles on the right hand side of the road, facing MacDonalds.
We moved up a little at a time, and sat watching them. I wasn't able to do a accurate count, but I reckon 150-200 is a good estimate, there may have been more, as there was reports of around 350 in the area.
This is the directions for anyone who might want to go and have a look around. From Strood head for the Medway Tunnel, go right, MacDonalds is on the left, take the next right, almost opposite the MacD entrance. There is a yellow building on left, William T Eden, and on the right is Pirates Cave. That's where they was hanging out.
Below is a few photo's which I took. After we started to leave  about 10 Waxwings came as close as 8-10 feet from the car, they certainly wasn't too bothered about us being there.

It would have been better if the mild fog had gone, what I wouldn't have given for blue sky, still can't have everything.
Most years I am over the moon to see a few Waxwings, to see so many Waxwings, and quite close at times was the best end of year birding I could have wished for.
** Happy New Year Everyone.**


  1. Great tick Ken,fab images.
    Happy New Year.
    Hope you have great birding in 2011.

  2. Waxwings everwhere ken, now need for next years list!!

    Have a great new year mate, I hope you get many more new species to tick off the halling list!

  3. JR and Sue.
    Thanks for your kind commonts.

    May you too find many new birds. Have a happy New Year Warren.

  4. Hard to imagine that many waxwings all at one time, Ken! What a way to end the year.

    Happy New Year,

  5. Ken ,
    I was there later in the afternoon , with far fewer birds about .
    You certainly got some cracking shots .
    It will be some time no doubt , before we get another invasion like this one .
    Best wishes to you and Pam and family for the New Year .