Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

** Halling Today.**

The most important job of the day was to feed the birds this morning. It was bitter cold and the odd snow flurry, mixed in with sleet, but as it kept stopping as quickly as it started I decided to go for a stroll to see if I could add any more species  to not only the Halling year list but more importantly my Halling January list seeing as there is only a few days left. I started at The Cam footpath, but instead of going towards the cemetery I went the other way towards Upper Halling. It comes out on Vicarage Rd, and I crossed the road and stood by the sheep field, straight away I saw Pheasant's everywhere, I counted 18 in all(7m,11f). Also at the far end of the field was a large flock of  Wood Pigeon's, but by scanning through then I managed add another species to my Halling Year and Month list, it was just a few Stock Doves.That is a species shat I don't see very often around here.
From here I walked back down The Cam towards the cemetery bridge, but the trouble is whenever I use this part of the footpath now I have to take a few apples or carrots with me, because some time ago I fed the 2 horses, and now whenever they see me they come over to the fence. Today they got apples.
Below is a picture I took of then a couple of years ago.

From here I carried on down The Cam. I wasn't sure as to what to do because it started to snow again, not hard, but I wasn't sure what it was going to do so I just hung around for a bit, by doing this I managed to add another species to the list. There was this tiny bird fittering about in the undergrowth, I wasn't sure what it was at first, and then it came out, it was a Goldcrest. This is the first one I have seen for a while over here. That has brought my Halling year, and January total so far to 48 species.
The weather started to improve slightly, so as I was so close to the river I went to see what was about. The tide was about half way between low and high. I didn't stay long but I did see my old friend the Common Sandpiper, along with, Redshank(3), Lapwing(6), Mallard(6), Common Gulls, B/H/Gulls, Herring Gulls, C/Crow(2). Moorhen(1). I gave Halling Common a miss today.
Finally on my way home I saw a small flock of 14 Redwings feeding on the ground near a childs playground.
Garden Birds Seen Today:
Great Spotted Woodpecker, Blue Tit, Great Tit,Long Tailed Tit, Blackcap(m), Blackbird, Starling, Robin, Dunnock, Magpie, C/Dove, W/Pigeon, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, H/Sparrow, Reed Bunting.


  1. You get more birds in your garden in one day than I have seen during the last month.

  2. Hi Mike
    Thanks for that, but I find that hard to believe, I hope it's not true.

  3. Blackcap and Reed Bunting in your garden, I would love to see any of those two on my patch this month :-)