Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

**Reynard On Halling Common + Knowle Park 2 Weeks Ago. **

Hoping it was going to stay dry I took a stroll to the river after feeding the horses. Carrots was on the menu today. Again there was nothing different to write home about. Swiftly moving on I thought  I might as well have a quick look on the common. As soon as I got there something caught my eye off to the left, something I rarely see here, a fox. I stood watching it sniffing about, then it laid down. hoping to get a picture of it a gradually moved towards it staying as close to the bushes as possible. I managed to get closer than I expected to, and these are the best shots I manages to get.

KNOWLE PARK:   2 weeks ago Pam and I went to Sevenoaks and while we was there we paid a visit to Knowle Park. We like to go there at least once a year. As we drove up to the house we saw small group of doe's and young near the road, and I thought to myself "This is a good start."
After parking up, and having lunch in cafe I took a walk around looking for the deer, mainly the Fallow Deer. I did see quite a few at a distance, not many close by, that was probably due to a large
group of schoolboys running about all
over the place taking part in what looked like some kind of paper chase. I did manage to take some shots of various deer but none were as good as previous visits, so I am only posting a couple of shots, and some other shots of the house entrance.

The lovely lady below is Pamela


  1. Nice account Kent, love the White Deer.

  2. Glad to see and hear you out and about Ken. Reminds me that we have not been to Knowle for quite some time.

  3. Ken ,
    Deer numbers are well down at Knowle , reputedly under a new keeper's regime . I only saw 50/60 animals , without a single Sika , compared to the 5/600 in previous years .
    Have never seen that white stag though .
    As for Pam , what a poser !!
    This is the fifth time I have tried to comment on this post .

  4. Very nice post Ken
    and greetings from my blog