Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

** House Martin Sighting.**

I still haven't been out anywhere to make a good list, and see some good birds, but today I had to go to the doctors surgery to collect some medication, and while I was there I walked down to the river for a quick look to see what was about. I could see the tide was almost at it's lowest as it is visible from the surgery entrance.
It was very breezy and sunny, there wasn't much about considering the tide level, but I did have some birds to watch, House Martins. I counted 11,  but there could  have been a few more.
They was  flying across to the other side of the river collecting mud. They was collecting it from the same stretch of mud bank as last year, and taking it back to build their nests in the same road as last year.
I wasn't expecting to see them for a few more weeks yet, most years I see Sand Marting back first.
Yesterday afternoon I watched 2 Common Buzzards soar over the garden, followed by a female Sparrowhawk darting through.


  1. Ken ,
    Good to hear you managed to get out in the sunshine , even if it was to the Doc's , but I'd say your 'very breezy' was a bit of an understatement .
    No sign of House Martins at the local farmhouse here yet .

  2. Well done with the Sand Martins Ken. Haven't seen one myself yet this year. We have a nest here at the new house so am keeping fingers crossed.

  3. Greenie.
    Maybe it was more than a bit breezy, perhaps it was beacuse I enjoyed going down to the river :-)

    I am sure the House Martins will soon be back to hopefully nest at your hone,