Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

** Late Post-Halling Common-2nd May 2013

I had a short walk down to Halling Common on Thursday 2nd May as time was short,due to other appointments. I came across many of the usual species that I would normally see, and then 2 species made there presence known, the first being a Nightingale, I love the sounds they  produce, and then a
Cuckoo which was calling for quite a while.
Two  other species showed themselves which was a Swallow over the cattle field, and as I was walking back up Marsh Road a Common Whitethroat made a appearance. Those 4 new species  has brought my Halling year list to 51

I saw 2 species of butterfly, the first being a Small White, and 2nd one is a first for my patch and that is a Small Tortoiseshell.

Approaching the top of Marsh Road a Starling   was perched on the telegraph wires, and the light was brilliant, clear blue sky so I took this shot of it, I can honestly say that I had to do very little to improve the picture.
The other species seen  on this day was: Moorhen,   Kestrel,   Buzzard,    B/H/Gull,   Common Gull,   L/B/B/Gull,   Herring Gull,     W/Pigeon,   C/Dove,   C/Crow,   Magpie,    Pheasant,  Green Woodpecker,   Great Tit,   Blue Tit,   Goldfinch,   Greenfinch,   Chaffinch,   H/Sparrow,     House Martins,    Starling,   Blackbird,   Song Thrush,   Wren.


  1. Done well with a Cuckoo Ken, not many around nowadays

  2. Hopefully the butterflies will be a daily feature if the weather lets them stay on the wing.

  3. Hi Ken thanks for your comments on our Blog,i do need afew lifers on our Uk list,slowly notching them up.
    Love your Blog great photography as always.
    keep them coming.

  4. Ken ,
    For a short walk down to the Common , you returned with some really nice species .
    It's good to see the Sm. Tortoiseshell making a comeback , let's hope it continues .
    Very dapper Starling .