Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

** Hoop Hoop Hooray.**

After my second attempt I finally found the HOOPOE. I first went looking for it on Saturday afternoon but no luck,  There was 3 others looking for it but nothing.
Today Pam and I was going shopping and before we did I went to have another look, I got there just before half past two. For some reason I didn't stop at the first gap I went straight to the second one.
There was a young girl near the fence through the second gap hoping to get a few shots of it. I asked her if it had been seen, and she said"No not that I know of".
She left shortly after I arrived, she said that she was going to take a walk further on. So I got settled and it wasn't until then had I realised just how hot the sun was today. I began scanning  the field up and down for ages, and then at 15:00 I found it It was feeding over the far side of the field where there are 2 small tree's, too far for any pictures. I stayed watching the Hoopoe for half an hour.The trouble is when  looking at a really nice bird leaving isn't easy. Hopefully it will stay around, it has been here for quite a while now so why not?
The last time I saw a Hoopoe was at Lenham Heath. on 1/5/2010.


  1. Well done Ken I haven't even been yet but I suppose I should try soon.

  2. Ken ,
    That area behind and around the two small trees is where I had it when I went with Alan . It did move out a bit , uphill and to the right , but never really close .
    Well done ..

  3. Well done Ken. Great local tick. You must be Cock a Hoopoe :-)

  4. Mike.
    Thanks. Iyis a great bird to see the thing is you have to be either patient or lucky. If you do get to see it I hope you manage to get some good shots of it.

    It seems to like it there, at least you managed to get pics of it, well done with that.

    Nice pun Phil. When are you going to see it? If you do I hope you manage to get a few record dhots of it.