Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Monday, 23 June 2014

** Cannot Post Pics, Need Some Serious Help.**

I have been out now and again for very short spells but I didn't post anything because when I do I like to add a pic or 2 if I can, I enjoy it.
I did take some pics I just couldn't get them to upload onto the blog page. I have tried all sorts of ways but still no luck. It looks like I am going to have post without pics for a while.
The way I use to do  it was: Click on the link above for INSERT IMAGE, open, click on CHOOSE FILES,  then my pictures folder opened with  file name box at the bottom.  When I picked a photo the file name would load into the box at the bottom, I would click OPEN on the right hand side, and it use to go straight to the  CHOOSE FILES and UPLOAD. Then all I had to do was click on ADD SELECTED, and it then appeared on the post.
I know it is asking a lot but can any of you clever buggers, sorry I mean Bloggers give me any advice/help. My email address is on my profile page otherwise on here would be appreciated. Thank you.


  1. Ken ,
    Have sent an email , hope it helps .

  2. Sorry Ken not my cup of tea, I still enjoy reading what you get up to though.

  3. Greenie.
    Thanks for the email. I will try it later.

    Thanks anyway. It is good knowing that you drop in now and again.