Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Friday, 12 December 2014

* The return of Jay's to the garden.*

It has been a long time since I sat and did a bit of garden birdwatching and while looking out of the kitchen window yesterday I had the pleasure of watching 2 JAY'S make their way into the small bush where the crushed peanut holder is situated and fill their crops with as many peanuts as possible. One sat on the ground and waited until the other had finished, before doing the same.
They have obviously got good memories, the last time they visited was towards the end of last winter, I think my peanut bill is about to rise, mind you they are an attractive looking bird, and having them in my garden is something special.
I have also got male and female BLACKCAP'S feeding in the garden, they mainly feed on the apples that I have put on top of a bush, both those and the Blue Tit's seem to love them. I have also been watching REDWING'S feeding on the berry bushes in the park.
The total species of bird I saw yesterday was as follows: Chaffinch - Goldfinch - Greenfinch - Robin - Dunnock - House Sparrow - Blackbird - Starling - Blue Tit -  Great Tit - Blackcap - Jay -  Magpie - Collared Dove -  Wood Pigeon. (Flying over) C/Crow - Herring Gull - B/H/Gull.


  1. Hi Ken, My leg problem has restricted my movements over the past few months so I have spent a lot of time observing in my small town garden. In the last couple of weeks it has burst into life with a pair of jays as frequent visitors which I have never had before. Bird movements have been very strange this year.

  2. Wouldn't mind having the Jays back in my garden Ken :-)

  3. Mike.
    Sorry to hear about your leg problem. Jays are a great bird to have in the garden, aren' t they?

    I will send you one of my Jays and you send me one of your Coal Tits. Yet to have one visit.

  4. Ken ,
    Watching from the kitchen window is probably a good \idea at the moment , I froze looking around Hayes Farm this morning .
    Winter Thrushes are really thin on the ground everywhere I've been , so nice to have some to look at .

  5. Hi Ken,my garden is still slow,only one Reed Bunting has shown so far,apart from that its just the usual resident birds (wish I had a Blackcap or two).