Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

** Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve KWT.. **

What better weather to go birding, foggy, cold, light drizzle, but my trip to the Sevenoaks KWT reserve was worth it. I arrived at about 12.30 and there was about 10 cars there, and I automatically thought that there would be quite a few people in the public hide, but when I got there it was empty, I then assumed that some of them had gone walkabout to see it they could see the pair of BLACK NECKED GREBES that had been seen from the footpath on the far side that runs parallel to the east lake. I know that one has been there all winter but not two. While I was scanning the lake, a birder came in and told me that he had just been watching the grebes, but he didn't stay long. After he left I started scanning the islands for the LITTLE RINGED PLOVERS that was about, and after a while I saw one of them, and a short time after I managed find the other 2. I knew that there was a few good birds to lookout for so that was why I went. After watching the plovers for a while I wondered if it might be possible to find the grebes from this side instead of doing the long walk, and after scoping through the bad visibility I found them, the 2 BLACK NECKED GREBES swimming about together, looking resplendent in their breeding plumage, the weather being how it was aloud me to zoom in, and I had great views of their golden ear tufts, shortly after they headed right and that was the last I saw of them. I was now thinking about getting ready to leave when I saw what I thought was one of the Pied Wagtails out on one of the islands, but it turned out to be a YELLOW WAGTAIL, what a lovely bird to end on, I have only ever seen them in meadows and cattle fields before. I packed up at about 14.30 and as you do, feeling pleased with ones self knowing that you found these birds with no assistance from other birders, so all in all I had a great couple of hours. here. This is a list of all the species seen today: Canada Geese, Mute Swan, Cormorant, Mallard, Tufted Duck, Teal, Great Crested Grebe, Black Necked Grebe, Coot, Moorhen, Little Ringed Plover, Lapwing, Herring Gull(the only gull seen),Magpie, Wood Pigeon, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Blackbird, Robin, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Wren, Pied Wagtail, Yellow Wagtail. When it comes to my "Bird of the Day" it has got to be the  ** BLACK NECKED GREBES.**  

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  1. Hi Ken, I wish I had a place like that close to me. I have difficulty getting into double figures let alone any rarities.