Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

** New Hythe Lakes.**

Another lovely day today, so while Pam went to Tesco's this lunchtime, I went to the lakes for about a hour and a half, give or take. She dropped me off at the footpath that runs between Lunsford, and Little Lunsford lakes. It started off very well, when I got to the 2nd or 3rd fishermans platform I stopped her to see what birds was on the water. After scanning the water I then turned to the sky, where I found myself watching a Common Buzzard soaring around, then it started going away from me, in fact it was going in the direction of Phil's home, so as it was a nice day and if he was out in the garden in his lounger he may have seen it glide over, who knows?? Ok forget the lounger bit. I did fire off a couple of shots but but the bird was just too far away. I will put one on her as a record.

Then a few minutes later I met Terry Laws who had  been watching the Bittern that Phil saw yesterday. After a bit of a chat we went our separate ways, and I made my way to the Bittern watchpoint at Streamside. I spent a while, resting, sitting watching the birds on Leybourne/Tesco's Lake. How peaceful, and warm  it was.
I continued on my way to try to see the Bittern. Once there that is where I remained until Pam called me. After waiting, watching the sun shining on the reeds where the Bittern  has been seen, it later become evident that I was not going to see it today, but I didn't mind. I know it is going to probably be there all winter so what's the rush. It was just nice being out on a glorious winters day.
I did see the Whooper Swan what likes spending  it's time here on the Leybourne Lake near the divers bridge. Again I wanted to take a half decent shot of it, but the bird just kept going between me and the sun, so again a not very good record shot.


  1. Hi Ken.
    Carol and I went to Reculver today to track down the Hooded Crow, which we did, so I didn't see the Buzzard flying over.
    Bad luck with the Bittern but like you say,plenty of time yet.

  2. Ken ,
    You seem to have had the same luck as I have had in the past with the Bittern , but like you , I will return for another look .
    Glad you enjoyed your time out anyway .

  3. Patience is the key Ken, everything comes to he who waits..........apart from me and those bloody Waxwings :-)

  4. Hi Ken , Im in and following now mate, regards Phil and Mandy