Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

** 2 questions I need answers to, followed by my Oare Marsh blog.**

1:  Why are the photo's on my blog coming out full screen when I click on them, even when I look at other bloggers pics they too are full screen. They was ok and  suddenly it has changed, does anyone know how I can get it back to as it was.

2:  Sunflower hearts. Can my fellow bloggers tell me as to where they keep them and does it get warm there, and what do you keep them in. I have always kept mine in a large plastic container, I have just found some at the bottom that have got damp due to moisture, I was going to keep my next lot in the sack they in, any ideas?


  1. Personally Ken, I think the full size photos are brilliant, I was very dismayed when they were in the previous format

  2. I dunno Ken, The same thing has happened to mine. As for the seed I keep mine in a large plastic drum and have never had any trouble.

  3. Derek.
    Thanks for reply. I am pleased that you prefer the larger format.

    I am glad that I am not the only person it is happening to. Thans for your sunflower hearts answer

  4. Who can fathom the mysteries of the blogger Ken!

    I keep my sun flower hearts in a plastic containers with lids, ( They hold 10KG). These are in my garden shed, which gets quite warm sometimes, but I never have any spoilt hearts.

  5. Warren
    Thank you for that. I can only assume that the large plastic box with a lid is not secure enough.

  6. Ken as you know I don't blog so cant answer 1.

    I keep my sunflower hearts in a large plastic box with lid in my garage. Holds 25kg and i buy them from Pinions, and have never had any problems

  7. Same thing over here. I have no idea. As for making the pics larger, yours always look great. I don't think there's a bad one in the mix:) Hopefully they'll fix it soon.

  8. Ken ,
    Firstly well done on the Wood and Curlew Sandpipers , together with a good list from your visit on the previous post .
    I'm sorry but can't be of any help with the picture problem , Blogger is just a 'necessary evil' as far as I'm concerned .
    I'm another plastic storage for the hearts , I use dustbins with clip over lids , no problems .

  9. Hi Ken. When I click on your photos I get the slideshow thing that was introduced a while ago, it all looks normal to me.

    I keep sunflower hearts in their bags but in a large plastic dustbin with clip on lid and that is kept in the shed.

    Looks and sounds like you had a great day out and well done with the Wood S which I have never seen and the Curlew S which I have. It looks like Pam was enjoying herself too :)

    Lovely rural photos also.