Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

** Late Post.** Fackenden Downs.**

I didn't feel up to going out for very long on Thursday 23rd August, so we decided to go out for a drive. Now as we was heading in the direction of Fackenden Downs, we made a small detour so that I could have a very short look around, mainly to see if I could find a Adder. The first time I have ever seen one was when I met Greenie  http://www.greenieinthewild.blogspot.co.uk/ there last year.
I didn't have to go too far when  I came across two refugia's, I carefully lifted the first one piece when I saw this.

I was now pleased that my decision to call in here was successfull. I found it difficult to get any shots of it, especially with one hand. Now the other sheet of refugia was next to it. I very carefully and slowly lifted that one which isn't easy using the end of one of my crutches, if there was anything under there I didn't want to startle it. After raising it about half half was up I found another one. I took my camera and with delight I again fired off some shots, what I got was unknown at this time. The Adder then slithered off into the undergrowth and that is when I called it a day.
Out of the photo's I took the ones below are about the best of the bunch.

Now I am going to stick my neck out and say that they are females, but if I am wrong I know that Greenie will put me right ** I have been corrected by Greenie that the adders are not females, but males.  Thanks for that.**
P.S. On the way back to the car I saw the following moths, and I have spent ages trying to i.d them. I have narrowed it down to a couple. I looked them up on the UK Moth website and I have now confused myself, and it is doing my head in. I think the first one is a  one of the Carpet Moth species, possibly a Silver Ground Carpet (see below)

The other one, again I am unsure about.


  1. Nice snakey photo's Ken, you did well there :-)

  2. Warren
    Thanks for that. I was pleased with the shots considering.

  3. Ken ,
    Well done finding the two Adders , and especially getting shots . I find them difficult myself one handed when lifting the refugia .
    Now , how am I going to say this , with a 50-50 chance of being right , I'm afraid they are both males . The zig-zag markings on both are black and well defined . The same markings on the female are brown and less well defined .
    Glad you managed to get out .

  4. Greenie.
    Thank you for defining the difference between the male and female adders.

  5. Ken, lovely shots, never seen a wild one.

  6. Well done with the Adders Ken. Always good to find your own specimens. I can never tell the difference between male and female.

  7. Ken ,
    I was hoping that someone who knows about moths would have answered your question , but for what it's worth , I would go for Common Carpet and Shaded Broad Bar .
    Whatever you do , don't put any money on my IDs , I've got lots of previous on getting them wrong .

  8. Phil
    I am glad I am not the only one :-)

    Thanks for your possible moth I.D. It is better than mine.

  9. Hi phil
    great post and greetings from my blog

  10. Hello!
    Nice photos of the aspic!
    I am sad not to have encountered any this season!

    I believe your first moth to be:
    Epirrhoe alternata, the Common Carpet:

    As for the second one, I have never seen it but you've gt an excellent website for moths and butterflies:
    It takes patience to find the right species, but its got to be in there somewhere!!
    Good luck!