Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

(Wednesday 5th Dec) ** Long Time No Post.**

I have not been posting recently due to personal  reasons. I still haven't been out and about, although I should try and get down to the river and maybe the common too, who knows there might be a few Waxwings about, well they do seem to be turning up in various places lately.
For the last week I have been birding on and off from the kitchen window, and I have had a few surprises. The second being a Coal Tit that continually fed on the feeders for 3 days, then it moved on to pastures new and didn't return. Then I had a bird on the hanging seed tray which I might see if I am lucky in the  winter and that was a female Brambling. I watched it feeding for about 5-10 minutes then that was it.
Now you might be thinking where is number 1 well this is it. I have lived here for 11 years and only seen this bird on the Halling Common and occasionally in the park. I have longed to have one come to my garden and now it has. I made a old wire peanut holder to hold crushed nuts in, and wedged it into a bush outside one of the windows, and somehow it this bird found it, I am talking about a Jay. I couldn't believe it, I have never seen one so close up, we are talking about 15-20 feet away. Now I am getting through a lot more peanuts ,I have now started to bury some in the lawn.
A day or so after a old saying came to mind "You wait ages for a bus then 2 come along together". Yes that is right, the Jay brought a mate along with it, so now I have got 2 Jays feeding. I am going to have to start spreading them even more scatteredon the garden so that they will have to search for them. On one occasion one of the Jays took some of the nuts andwandered arounf the lawn pushing them in, then today a magpie drop in, wandering around the garden and I actually saw it pulling out some grass and coming up with a peanut one that a Jay must have buried.
The Jays are still coming and going, I think they are here to stay, at least for the time being.
I suppose to them this is their local fast food take away.
I attempted to get some shots of them but they didn't come out to good, I was shooting through doubled glazing, with a highish ISO. I have posted 3 below.



  1. They are smart birds Ken :-) Enjoy them!

  2. Warren.
    Your not kidding, although they are a nice looking bird, I certainly will enjoy them.

  3. I think you must have a bit of quality double-glazing. The pics. are not bad at all.

  4. Nice jays, Ken. Our local jays are blue jays that most people don't like. If they were less common, folks would go wild over their lovely blue colors. Enjoy yours and thanks for posting the photos.