Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Friday, 8 February 2013

** 7th February. Short Wander Around At Sevenoaks.**

After a bit of shopping and coffee at Sevenoaks we stopped off at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve for a wander around before heading home. I was surprised at just how many people was there. I  didn't really have much time to spend in the hides, so I just popped in had a scan and then moved on.
After talking with some others in the few hides I did go in to I asked if they had seen anything different, but none of them had so I decided to take a couple of shots of a Gadwall that was near and then moved on.
I must be unlucky when I come here as I never manage to see many passerines, but it is a good excuse to come again. I was hoping to see a Treecreeper but no such luck. I did come across one of the friendly Robins that are about.
I took a few pictures of one that came very close see below, although it all happened so quickly I didn't have time to try and get the right setting.

On the way back to the cap park I called in the Willow Hide for another look, but all that was showing was the usual species. There was a male Gadwall that was close to the hide so I took a photo of it just to add another picture to my day's walk, then as I neared the car park a lovely male Siskin made a appearance.

My final stop off was to check out the feeders to see if I might see the Marsh Tit that has been there on and off but it wasn't to be. I did have a close encounter with the Robin that is always in and around the hide. Just as I was packing up the cheeky chappy came and  sat on the ledge right next to me. Next time I will take some food with me. The bird species on and around the feeders was Chaffinch, Robin, Dunnock, L/T/Tit, Great Tit and Blue Tit.


  1. Rudziki to moje ulubione ptaszki i dziękuję za ich zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.
    Robins are my favorite birds, and thank you for the pictures. Yours.

  2. Some very nice captures there Ken. The Robin you mention in and around the hide must be the one which Greenie has had some close encounters with, such friendly little birds :-)