Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Friday, 1 February 2013

** Barming Hawfinches.**

After doing my mum's shopping today I ask Pam if she would mind going to Barming on the way in the hope of possibly seeing the Hawfinches that I have been reading about on Adam's blog http://dittoneastmallingbarming.blogspot.co.uk/. Pam and I arrived at St Margarets Church at about 3pm.
When I arrived there was one other guy there, I went over to where he was standing where we had a nice chat, by the way, nice meeting you Graham. He said that he had been there for quite a while. While we was chatting I saw this bird fly in and it landed near to the top of a tree, it was partially obscured but I  was pretty sure that it was the male Hawfinch, this was at about 3:13pm. I told Graham and he moved along a bit to where it was showing, to confirm it. The Hawfinch stayed in this area for quite a while, and then the second one arrived. Both Graham and myself tried to get a few record shots of one or  both of them, but it was not at all easy, I am afraid that the ones I attempted didn't really amount to much., but at least I saw them, nice not to dip out.
 I left Graham at about 3:40pm and went back to the car. When I got in Pam said to me that she was hoping that I was going to turn around and wave when I wasn't too far away from the car. The reason being, we was parked up near the fence just left of the gate and through the windscreen a Treecreeper landed right in front of her on the closest tree, and shortly afterwards a Green Woodpecker flew in and landed on one of the headstones resting there for quite a while, lucky Pam.
I did get a bonus, as we was about to leave a Goldcrest flew in. I didn't get great views of it but I did see it on and off as it moved through the tree.
Below is the best shot I took, seeing as I do not have a photo of one. I wasn't going to post it but what the heck, seeing as I tried I thought I might as well.


  1. Nice one Ken, and really glad you saw the birds - I've not seen one for a couple of days now so glad you connected with them (the weather was a lot better this afternoon than this morning!). And Pam got the Treecreeper...grrrrrrr! Rarer than Hawfinches for me, and its still eluding me!


  2. Adam.
    Glad to see they are still hanging about. I wish Pam hadn't told me about the Treecreeper either,she gripped me off :-) maybe you will see it over the weekend. Have a good one.

  3. Ken

    Nice to meet you also - glad you saw them on your first visit. I said I thought the Treecreeper had flown in that direction


  4. You did better than I did on my visit Ken!

  5. Well done Ken. So glad you were successful. It seems Pam did some great birding too...without even leaving the car :-)