Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

** Bough Beech Reservoir.**

Today was the day that I paid a long overdue trip to Bough Beech KWT. I kept reading that there have been various waders seen there, so I thought I would go and see for myself.
Pam and I arrived at about 11.30. When we arrived there was a birder there who looks as though this was his patch, he certainly looked at home there. I took a look over the hedge to see dozens of Canada Geese preening, arguing, as the do, it was hard to ignore then, the noise they was making.
I was about to take my scope across the road to check out the shallow water when this guy, I wish I had asked him is name, came over to me and suggested that I stay where I am and scope the area to the left of the main water. I did this  and I found the bird he told me about, a WOOD SANDPIPER looking very dapper. Whenever I see one I always have a good long look at it because I have no idea when I will see another one, there are very few of these birds seen passing through. Well that made my day straight away.
I crossed the road after a while and immediately got the "ol bins" working. The first wader spotted was one I wanted to see, my first this year, a GREEN SANDPIPER, except there wasn't just 1 but 3. The next species of wader seen was another sandpiper, COMMON SANDPIPER, 5 of them. While I was looking around counting them I should have also been looking up, sky watching.  Again if it hadn't been for the same birder calling out to me I would never have seen my favourite bird drifting around, and at one point directly above the car. The bird in question *** RED KITE ***(yesss) what a bird, words cannot do it justice, I was in my element. After that, I don't think anything could have upset me. There was a small bonus that came with it, there was a Common Buzzard bringing up the rear. Then it was back to see what species I could add to my days list. My full list is as follows: RED KITE...COMMON BUZZARD...GREEN SANDPIPER...WOOD SANDPIPER...COMMON SANDPIPER...LAPWING...GREY HERON...CORMORANT...CANADA GEESE...GREYLAG GEESE...MUTE SWAN...COOT...MOORHEN... B/H/GULL...COMMON TERN(5)...G/C/GREBE...MALLARD...MANDARIN...GADWALL...TEAL...TUFTED DUCK...C/CROW...JACKDAW...WOOD PIGEON...PIED WAGTAIL...ROBIN.
Today turned out to be more about quality, not quantity.
As for my 'Bird of The Day' there can be one, the wonderful *** RED KITE*** Barcud Coch, to give it, it's welsh name, because to me it will always be a welsh bird. (In 1997 all the remaining kites in wales desceded from 1 female.)
The Wood Sandpiper came a very, very close second. If it hadn't have been for the Kite, it would have been a clear winner)
Below is a picture I took some years ago in Wales of some of the many kites feeding at Gigrin Farm. Picture quality isn't good as it was taken with a old camera.


  1. Glad to see the Blog updated again Ken and that you are out and about. Sounds like a great day for you.

  2. Ken ,
    Glad your visit to BB was a success . I saw that WoodSand on Tuesday and got a few record shots when I stopped in whilst passing . The wader numbers have depleted with the drop in the water level over the last month or so . I would have been well happy with a sighting of 'Barcud Coch' , even if I didn't know how to pronounce it properly .
    As you say , a quality list , well done .

  3. Ken ,
    Forgot to mention , I agree with your juvenile ID of the Marsh Harrier on my last post . Looking at some of the other shots I took , it's more obvious .
    Nothing wrong with your eyesight !

  4. Mike.
    I had a great time at BB, especially when good birds show. I must try to blog a bit more often.

    Glad you was able to get some pics of Wood Sand.I would like to have visited when the water level was higher. Thank's for letting me know about Marsh Harrier i.d. Can be deceptive at times.

  5. ! Might have to get up to BB soon then Ken!

  6. A great set of birds you saw, Ken. Nice to see you blog about them, too. I need to get more wildlife onto my blog these days. Cheers!

  7. Warren.
    I don't go to BB as much as I should. If you do get to go I know that I will be seeing some really good pictures.

    Thank's for that. I am sure you will be blogging about your wildlife sightings son.