Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Monday, 22 September 2014

** Harry and Harriot. **

If you are wondering who HARRY and HARRIOT are, well they are my 2 visiting Hedgehogs. The bird life in the garden is at a lull at the moment.
I just happened to look out of the french doors on the front lawn one evening when I saw a hedgehog finishing up some of the dried meal worms that I  had put out for a couple of visiting birds. I put some more out the following evening and again they had been eaten. I said to Pam "I am going to put some in a dish close to the doors to see what happens". I did this and about 30 minutes later it turned up in the garden and came towards the doors, and started eating them. I did this for about 4 or 5 nights and every night it arrived. I went all out and put the dried meal worms and water as close to the doors as possible.
Now at this stage Pam was as curious and excited as I was. As with the other nights it arrived and started feeding oblivious to Pam and I looking out of the window. Pam went and sat back down when I had to call her back again, why, because another one arrived. I now had 2 hedgehogs feeding together, and still have.
 After I put the food out now, I sit on the floor right up against the window. When they turn up and feed which is every evening, they haven't miss one yet, the only thing that stops me from touching them is the double glazing, they are no more than10-12 inches away, tonight the male took a small lunge at her and I actually heard what I can only describe as a little growl, after that she kept her distance. They love a mixture of dog meat and dried meal worms. There is no way that they will not make the weight required to get them through their hibernation.
I would be interested to know what any of my fellow bloggers feed hedgehogs that turn up in their gardens
I said to Pam "Everyone is tucked up in their homes tonight not realising that there might be one of these little critters wandering about on their lawns looking for food to get them through the night."
I do miss my birds, but if I can help nature in other ways, then that makes me feel good.


  1. I used to have a pair of Hedgehogs Ken, I fed them chicken and sunflower hearts :-)

  2. Warren.
    Thanks for that, I will put it on the menu.

  3. What no pictures Ken? Mine love posing for me.