Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

* * Isn't it strange how one thing can lead to another. **

Isn't it strange how one thing can lead to another, sometimes good, sometimes bad, on this occasion it was good.
A few weeks ago a few kids found a lost tortoise just along from us in the entrance to the park. It still hasn't been reunited with it's owner. How do I know, well as Pam and I was going out yesterday I saw a lost tortoise notice on a lampost. I phoned the number and left a message saying what we knew, later that afternoon I had a call from the lady who owns the tortoise. It was't until she told me her name that it rang a bell. We only found out about 5 or so weeks ago that one of the home owners down the road keeps owls, and that is her.
She said " I am about to feed my 2 week old Barn Owl and would you like to come down?"
Well you can guess what I said.Pam came with me, and was greeted by a pair of hands holding this tiny ball of fluff.I could never imagine that one day I would be stroking and having my finger nibbled by a 2 week old barn owl. Another thing I did was something that Chris Packham does, and that is to sniff it. It has a lovely smell, but not a easy smell to describe. She is so dedicated, the chick has to be fed every 3 hours.
She also has a adult male Barn Owl which she flies, a male Little Owl, it isn't until you are inches away from one that you realise just how small they are, and finally a Scops Owl
After chatting for a while I found out that she use to have a Eagle Owl, but it got out of hand, it was a rescue bird. I look forward to watching the baby develope into a beautiful adult.


  1. Lucky you Ken, I worked at a Bird of Prey centre for a while and handled many owls and various hawks so I know what a thrill it is. You could have a lot more delights to come.

  2. A bird in the hand Ken.........lucky you!