Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Friday, 27 January 2017


Yesterday I spent quite a while birding from my kitchen window to see what birds turned up, and I wasn't disappointed, in total 20 species touched down either on the ground or on the feeders. The usual species turned up which now includes a GREY WAGTAIL which is turning up on most days and keeps coming back through out the day, it loves feeding on fat ball droppings as well as what ever else it can find, I am having trouble getting a picture of it through the double glazing as it seldom comes that close.
The other birds coming to feed is REED BUNTING , 2 male and 1female turned up yesterday, plus 1 male BLACKCAP and 1 female. I am hoping these birds turn up when I am doing my BIG GARDEN BIRD WATCH.
Finally I thought out some old soaked bread and I was surprised just how quick B/H/GULLS see it. They, being 4  was very unsure, they wanted drop in and take some but still circled over the garden, until one brave bird decided to go for it, and it landed and started eating,
the others wasn't so brave, but they did eventually swoop down, grab a bit and go. The rest was taken very quickly by a CARRION CROW, now that is a rare bird to have in my garden, and just as it filling was filling it's bill a Magpie had the same idea, but only got a few scraps.
The total list I had is: Carrion Crow. Magpie. B/H/Gull. W/Pigeon. C/Dove. Blackbird. Starling. Chaffinch. Goldfinch. Greenfinch. G/S/Woodpecker(m). Great Tit. Blue Tit. Long Tailed Tit.

Dunnock. Robin. Blackcap. Grey Wagtail. Reed Bunting. Song Thrush
I have got some good bird to choose for my ** BIRD OF THE DAY.** but I am going for the ** BLACK HEADED GULL.** I know it might me a strange choice to some people, but to watch it walking about on my lawn eating is something I may not see again.
Below are a few pictures, sorry about the quality.

Finally a very bad pic of the 2 male Reed Buntings.

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