Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

** Waxwings At East Malling (With Help)**

Today Pam and I had to go to Salisbury's at Larkfield so I had a brainwave of stopping off at East Malling to see if I could see the Waxwings.We parked up at the church and I had a wander along the path but to no avail. I had read about the path near the railway line to scan from but I hadn't looked in that area yet.
I watched the usual places but nothing so I walked to the end of the path, and as I got to the road a motor pulled up and the driver spoke to me, I must admit I didn't recognise him at first because I haven't seen him for ages, it was Ross of "The Bald Birder and Moffer" http://baldbirder.blogspot.co.uk. He told me where they had been seen and I felt privileged as to have been taken by him to the spot,but after checking the area out they wasn't there, but I did see FIELDFARE. He then dropped me off at the path where he met me and I started off back to the car and Ross headed back to work. Before I got far he phoned me and said that he has just seen some WAXWINGS, so he came back for me, he's a good lad When I got to his motor he was talking to Adam Whitehouse of http://dittoneastmallingbarming.blogspot.co.uk. who followed us back to see them. Adam stayed with me  to see them which was great, and afterwards he run me back to Pam who was waiting at the church. Thank you Adam.
As we left I asked Pam to drive me round to where I had just come from, apparently there is a cafe there where the public can go for a cuppa, I hope it is OK me mentioning it, anyway we parked at the gate for a few minutes and a short distance in the field on the first pile of apples was a nice flock of 29 WAXWING.
I took my camera out with me but there was no way I was going to get any pics, not in that wind, but still I got what I went for.
Anyway, thank you Ross, thank you Adam for all your help.


  1. Hi Ken, I'm glad someone is seeing them. No such luck my way.

  2. Pleased you got to see them ( with a little help from your friends). :-)
    Well done Ken.