Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

** A Short Visit To Dungeness RSPB Reserve **

Well this is a very strange thing to be doing, blogging. because it has been so long since my last one. I had no Idea what was about, so Dungeness RSPB reserve was where I chose to go to today. when I went into the centre the notice board said that on the 10TH there was a couple of little terns there, just my luck, still that's birding. I was going to sit in the corner and have a scan about but there was people sitting there so I went to the Firth Hide, and I am glad that I did, Once I got settled the last thing I was expecting to see was one of one my top 3 favourite birds, a LITTLE TERN, well four of them in fact, one of them was virtually still in it's breeding plumage. The reason why I was surprised is because it wasn't on the days sightings board in the centre. The other 2 good birds was BLACK TERNS, which spent nearly all there time feeding, and after a while one landed on the sandy beach area where the Little and Common Terns were for a wash and brush up. There wasn't many wading birds around, there was a KNOT out in front of the hide with a hint of summer plumage along with 3 Dunlin. The only other couple other waders that I saw was a few lapwing and a Oystercatcher.

  ~~~ I was going to go to the Hanson Hide, ARC pit, but when I got to the gate there is a sign on it, it is tied up to stop people getting by, the notice says that the hide is out of use because it is being repaired and will be opened as soon as possible. ~~~

I wasn't going to bother with a "Bird of the Day", but seeing as the bird I saw today is one of my top 3 species I cannot not do it, so it has to be the one and only ** LITTLE TERN **