Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Fallow Stag, Knowle Park.

Sunday, 14 February 2021


 At the beginning of week 6, I prepared my bird feeders because they forecast snow and they was right, snow it did. I had quite a few come in, but they was mainly the common one's, I suppose the snow was about 2 inches deep. I found myself going out to the feeders  quite often to clear the snow off of  the feeder trays. The day after it started when I had to fill the feeders up I made about a 6 feet clearing around my cherry tree and cut up some apples and scattered them on  the floor hoping it might bring some birds in, I then spent a long time doing some birding that day. 

I spent a number of hours watching and my wish finally paid off, while looking around as usual I noticed some unusual birds in the tree eating the rest of the berries, and they turned out to be REDWING. After having 4 visit earlier this year I didn't expect to see anymore, but there they was, 3 more eating  .I wasn't sure how much snow we was going to get or how long it was  going to last, all I did was keep putting apples out and see what happened. The following day I was curious as to whether any Redwings might return and they had, but this time there was more.  I called to Pam, I said to her that there are 10 on the ground feeding on the apples. They was feeding with Blackbirds and 1 Song Thrush. I was absolutely over the moon, I never dreamt of having that many in my garden, and as far as I know they stayed all day. By the end of the day all the birds had virtually eaten all the apples, and flown off. It was good having them here for a while especially such close views.

I did had 3 other visitors during the snowy period and that was Carrion Crows, they spent a lot of time roaming around the garden looking for scraps of food. Another first was a G/S/Woodpecker, this time not on the nuts, but on a feeder with a cage on it with her head through it feeding from one of the ports, and to round off week 6 late afternoon while in the kitchen with Pam what flew in and landed on the bush in front of us, a female REED BUNTING, but no sooner had it arrived it very quickly left.

 **The one  thing to remember through out this weather is to empty the bird baths at night before they freeze, I forgot one night and I learnt my lesson, .** 

Depending how things go I might leave a bigger gap between some blogs,, it just depends if there is anything of interest to post, we will see.😊

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  1. Like you Ken, I did an awful lot to encourage birds to my feeders in the snow but all I got were fox prints in the snow, it ate some biscuits and left everything else was untouched. Better luck tomorrow. Stay safe.